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Texas Consulting

The Premier Strategy Consulting Organization at UT Austin


The heart of Texas Consulting is our people! Learn more about our members. 


Texas Consulting is the premier strategy consulting organization at the University of Texas at Austin. Our organization was founded by a group of undergraduate students with a love for problem solving in early 2019. Since then, Texas Consulting has offered pro-bono consulting services to clients in a wide variety of industries across the country.

At the heart of Texas Consulting is its people. Our students come from a broad range of disciplines ranging from finance to biomedical engineering, and demonstrate a commitment to consistent excellence and growth. This enables our teams to consider client projects with a holistic perspective, devise innovative strategies, and pitch actionable business solutions that help maximize our clients’ growth potentials.

Our mission at Texas Consulting is to build tomorrow’s leaders by empowering our members to approach ambitious challenges without fear. Central to our organization is an authentic love for problem solving, diversity of perspective, and strong work ethic.

Professional Development

Texas Consulting offers several professional development opportunities for its members. New students join as analysts and participate in a formal nine-week consulting curriculum. During this program, analysts develop critical skills in consulting, finance, recruiting, etc. via weekly lessons, deliverables, and market research papers. 

After the analyst program, students are staffed on various client projects based on their major, skills, interests, and goals. During these semester-long projects, our members work directly with Fortune 500 companies, global nonprofits, and startups to solve real business challenges. Throughout their tenure in Texas Consulting, students are promoted from Consultant to Senior Consultant to Project Manager. 

Beyond these opportunities, underclassmen have several upperclassmen mentors (both formal and informal) that they can turn to for advice regarding degree plans, career paths, internships, etc. 




Beyond the professional experiences and resources we offer for our members, Texas Consulting is a family on campus. We host socials, retreats, and go on trips

every semester.


Texas Consulting also prides itself on having an extremely diverse community. Our consultants and analysts come from all backgrounds and have unique interests. From participating in IM sports games to visiting local restaurants together, there is a place for everyone in the TC community. 

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